Comparing Standard Dental Implants To All On 4 Dental Implants

I read about dental procedures from time to time because I like to see how things change and what procedures are currently on the market Cedar Park dental. After all, teeth seem to be a weak point in the body, despite how important they are. While my own teeth are okay, I do find things like dental implantation interesting. I especially find All On 4 dental implants interesting.


I'm sure many people know how dental implants work by now since they have been around for a while. The skinny is that rods made of metal are inserted in empty spots where teeth are gone. These spots are then allowed to heal. After that, custom-made realistic dental prosthetics are placed on top and either fixed in place or made completely removable for the patient.


These implants are slightly different and made for multiple missing teeth in one jaw or even bow jaws. Instead of being placed in individual tooth sockets, for implants are placed within the jawbone or both jawbones. Like the others, they have to heal and bond to the bone. After that, the prosthetics can be placed in each individual socket while the four rods keep them all in place.


I am actually surprised that I have not read more about this procedure. This seems like a great idea for people that have a lot of teeth missing. I would talk to my dentist about it if I were in that position.

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